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      Harry did not seem to hear.

      "Come in, and we'll have a talk. Father's out, and mother's upstairs."

      "My lord," replied the monk, encouraged by the abbot's energy, "our holy church, thank heaven, is not without one able and zealous advocate. A timorous attitude at this moment would only give fresh vigour to those who seek to abridge its power."BOOK III THE ELDER CHILDREN Chapter 1

      When he had retired, the chasm was hastily filled up; and then Black Jack, the galleyman, and two other jurors, took each a corner of the cloak, and, preceded by the monk, reciting in a low voice the prayers for the dead, and followed by Holgrave and the remaining jurors, leading the horses, proceeded at a quick pace to the church-yard of Hailes Abbey.


      For a moment Reuben was bewildered with his sudden waking, but he soon came to himself at the sight of his wife's distorted face and the inanimate lop-headed baby. He sprang up, pulled on his trousers, and in two minutes had bundled the half-conscious but utterly willing Beatup out of his attic, and sent him off on the fastest horse to Rye. Then he came back into the bedroom. Naomi was sitting on the floor, her hair falling over her shoulders, the baby unconscious on her lap.


      "Sure," Dodd said. "But I mean people. And you want the same things we do. You want a little comfort out of life, a little securitysome food, say, and enough food for tomorrow. Right?"


      Then came old Gasson, Naomi's father, and well-known as a shipbuilder at Ryefor this was a good match of Harry's, and Reuben hoped, but had no reason to expect, he would turn it to Odiam's advantage. After him walked most of the farmers of the neighbourhood, come to see the last of a loved, respected friend. Even Pilbeam was there, from beyond Dallington, and Oake from Boreham Street. The Squire himself had sent a message of condolence, though he had been unable to come to the funeral. Reuben did not particularly want his sympathy. He despised the Bardons for their watery Liberalism and ineffectual efforts to improve their estates.Chapter 3