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      The hectic bloom had faded from her cheeks and left them ashy pale. Her eyes seemed almost starting from her head, straining their gaze as if to penetrate the deepening shadows on the landing beyond the half-open door.

      "But, Bergan, you are a goose!" he broke out."De puerta cerrada el diablo se torna,From a locked door, the devil turns away," he muttered, settling himself in his hiding place, with the intention of remaining there until the anticipated departure.

      "No choice! Didn't he have the choice of Bergan Hall, and all that belongs to it? That was what was running in Maumer Rue's head, just now. But he preferred independenceand a tin sign in his window! He is a degenerate scion of the race, like your" The Major suddenly recollected himself, and broke off with a dry cough.

      Those willows on the bank had recalled Goethe's "Erl K?nig"the ballad she had learnt by rote in her earliest German studiesand the willows and the ballad were interwoven with her dreams. It was Martin Disney who was riding his charger along a dark road, and she was sitting in front of his saddle, clinging to him, hiding her face upon his breast, and the willows were beckoningshe knew those gaunt arms were beckoning to her, although her eyes were hiddenand he was following. He was thundering behind them, on a black horse. Yes, and then the dream changedthe dreamer's wandering thoughts directed by another reminiscence of those girlish studies in German poetry. She was Lenore, and she was in the arms of her dead lover. She felt that bony armDeath's armclutching her round the waist. Her streaming hair mingled with the streaming[Pg 57] mane of that unearthly horse. She was with Lostwithielin his armsand they were both dead and both happyhappy in being together. What did they want more than that?



      "All that I can understand; but it didn't exonerate you from your duty to me. You promised me to take care of my young wife."Chapter 2 SWIFT FEET.


      They walked into Fowey by that pathway which Isola had trodden so often in the year that was gonenot always alone. The pleasure steamer was waiting in the little haven, where the two rivers part under the cloven hills. Out seaward the air blew fresh and free, and the spray was dashing up against the rocks, and Polruan's grey roofs were wrapped in morning shadows while Fowey laughed in the sunshine.The child received this adoration with a frank fearlessness which filled her worshipers with delight. She was a light-hearted child, with a smile and a laugh for one and all; and nothing seemed to frighten her or to astonish her.