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      In a meadow east of the city I saw three big guns mounted, the biggest I had seen as yet. They kept up a continuous and powerful cannonade at the forts near the town, that had not yet been taken. There were three of them left, of which Loncin was the most important.Aye, if Joves virgin daughter Justice shared

      The gamblers looked at one another uneasily, but not one word was said.370

      "Who are you?"

      Charlton said nothing. He was deeply interested. The man outside raised the lantern, and the dim light fell upon the ghastly outline of Charlton's white set face as he pressed against the panes. At the same instant the woman chanced to glance in the same direction."Take them," she said hoarsely; "take them and write me a receipt at once before I repent. Better do anything than come between a woman and her jewels. There, a glass of wine. To your speedy ruin and destruction."




      You cant trap us! challenged Sandy."It is possible," she cried aloud. "Fool not to have thought of it before. What better hiding-place could I have than in the Corner House!"