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      Varley, I didnt let on before the boys to all I heard them Dogs Ear chaps talking. You see, some of our boys are a bit young-heady, and ud a-opened their mouths too wide, and perhaps spoiled the game.

      I have a right to ask. I am her guardian. You have lost the right which belonged to her husband; you have brought her nothing but misery. Do you mean to continue to make her unhappy? The sight of you must be almost as intolerable to her as it is to me. She fled from you to me, to her old home. Do you mean to leave her quietly, or not?As no one had made the assertion, no one came forward to[151] have his head knocked off; but heads ached the next morning from the whisky that was drunk over that case.

      Some one is coming, she said. Stay here, and I will go and find Lilias and manage to get her to come to you.


      Yes, its Esmeralda, said Varley; but dont bother now, boys. Ill bring her down to the Eldorado presently


      A coy tap sounds on her door and she glides to it. "Who--who?" But in spite of her it opens to the bearer of a lamp, her sister Constance."If you do--now--to-day--for one minute, I'll never take you back. I'll have Hettie or Dilsie."


      Fred Greenleaf was one of its wounded prisoners. Hilary cared for him and sought his exchange; but owing to some invisible wire-pulling by Flora Valcour, done while with equal privacy she showed the captive much graciousness, he was still in the Parish Prison, New Orleans, in February, '62, when the book was about to be made, though recovered of wounds and prison ills and twice or thrice out on his parole, after dusk and in civilian's dress, at Callender House.I have come to ask you to forgive me, Esmeralda, he said, to tell you that I love you, have loved you from the beginning. But do not be afraid. I know how easy it is to[344] kill love; that though you may have loved me, my cruelty to you may have slain that love outright.