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      She started slightly at his approach and looked up at him. She had been thinking of the dark cloud over her life; of the husband who was divided from her; of Lady Ada, the woman he loved; and the sight of Norman, with his bronzed and handsome face and lithe figure, recalled Three Star Camp to her, the wild woods, the keen mountain air, and all that past in which she had been so free from care and so ignorantly happy.

      The coachman named the steamer to Constance: "Yass, 'm, de ole Genl al Quitman; dass her."He made room. She moved by. But hardly had she passed when a soft word stopped her. She turned inquiringly and the next instant--Heaven only knows if first on his impulse or on hers--she was in his arms, half stifled on his breast, and hanging madly from his neck while his kisses fell upon her brow--temples--eyes--and rested on her lips.

      When does Varley go back to Three Star? It will be noticed that she called him Varley. Now, a girl like Lilias must be very fond of a person to call him by his Christian name.

      The wee relic flashed, yet instantly was bland again: "You were about to say, however, that in the artillery--?"

      No, she said in a low and firm voice; I will not have it. Thebargain is made, and I will stand by it.

      Another was brought, and he disposed of it, the group waiting with sympathetic patience.


      Well? said Esmeralda, indifferently.The hidden one stole forth. A book on a table was totally engaging the eyes of her hostess and at the instant grandma re?ntered laden with roses. Now all five were in, and Anna, pouring out words with every motion, and curiously eyed by Constance, took the flowers to give them a handier form, while Flora rallied her kinswoman on wasting their friends' morning these busy times, and no one inquired, and no one told, who had been here that now had vanished.



      "Now, Connie--"What are we standing here for? he said, almost fiercely. Give me your horse. Follow me down to the camp!