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      "I am more than a Captain," said the General, opening his overcoat slightly, to show his double dow of buttons.

      "Of course Riever has been entirely discreet in making his new announcement. He had it written out and sent it over to the Island last night to be posted up outside the store. His offer reads: 'Ten thousand dollars for the apprehension of Donald Counsell.' But everybody understands that it means dead or alive. Many of the men are armed."

      Seizing the whip at the small end of the stock he began laying on right and left with the butt, taking care to keep out of range of the heels. During these persuasive efforts he was shouting at the top of his voice words that fairly hissed through the air. Si thought he could smell the brimstone and see the smoke issuing from the old teamster's mouth and nostrils. This is a section of what that experienced mule driver said, as nearly as we can express it:"Why of course!" he said. "It's absurd." But there was no real conviction in his tones.

      "I thought you'd want to know what happened to Spike Talley," said Pen."We're up against it all right," said Don harshly. "What is known as the Riever group in New York controls a billion dollars, I guess."

      "Yours, same as before,


      "There's a little water-pan inside it. Look under that for a letter."


      They groped for each other's hands.