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      We had only bin on the train long enuff for Abe to finish up the whole of the 3 days rations you provided us with 2 last us home, when I notist that Blowhard Billings was on board. He was still dressed in full uniform, & playin off officer yit, but I happened 2 recolleck that he was no officer no more, & it wuz lucky that I done so. He wuz lookin at me & Abe hard with them mean, fatfish ize ov hizn.It took only seconds for the race to conclude.

      A birthday dinner for me?

      "Yes; yes," shouted Shorty. "You fellers keep to your side o' the river, and we will to ours."


      "Afo' de Lawd, Boss," wailed the desperate negro, "I jest can't l'arn no mo', now, nohow. 'Deed I can't. Hit's bin nuffin but l'arn, l'arn, ebbery minnit sense I got up dis mawnin', an' my haid's jest bustin', so hit is. I a'most wisht I wuz back wid my ole mas'r, who didn't want to l'arn me nuffin."


      "Do you mean to say you'll stop me?" said the master, starting to raise his shotgun, which he had let fall a little.


      though it may be, to help in some way the men127 who air