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      "But you'll never leave me at the time of the hay-harvest, and Emily due to calve in another month?"

      "Alas! my mother, you will know it soon enough. It is said you havehavebewitchedor poisonedthe baron's son!"

      This evening he sat very still beside the dead. Only once he drew down the sheet from his father's face and gazed at the calm features, already wearing that strange sculpt look which is the gift of death. The peaceful lips, the folded hands, seemed part of an embracing restfulness. Reuben's heart warmed with a love in which was little grief. He thought of his father's lifecalm, kindly, comfortable, ambitionless. He had[Pg 23] been happy; having wanted little he had attained it and had died enjoying it.

      "Read me some of it."

      "And did this Holgrave dare to wed a nief of mine!when I had already disposed of her freedom and her hand?"



      "Oh!""Master Calverley, I will tell you truly," answered Mary, in a voice scarcely audible from its tremor. "You have been our best friend, and you would not see me hung? It was all a mistakeI am sure I wouldn't hurt a hair of the dear creature's head." And here the feelings of woman so far prevailed, that she shed some disinterested tears.


      "Nonsense!d?an't be a fool, my gal.""A minister of the Lord," repeated with some severity the man in black, "of the brotherhood named Ebenezer."