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      The chief Alchise and a half hundred of his kindone so deaf that he held to his savage old ear a civilized speaking-trumpetsquatted about on the ground, and explained to Crook the nature of their wrongs.

      The story of her origin was an open secret now. Landor had never been able to discover who had spread it. The probabilities were, however, that it had been Brewster. He had been suspended for a year after Landor's trial, and driven forth with contempt, but he was back again, with a bold front, and insinuating and toadying himself into public favor, destined by that Providence which sometimes arouses itself to reward and punish before the sight of all men, to be short-lived.

      Pilot Tommy Larsen nodded vigorously.

      "Shall you go with them?" asked Cairness.

      In the end stall the bronco was still squealing and whimpering in an almost human key. He struck it on the flank with his open palm and spoke, "Get over[Pg 210] there." It had been made so much of a pet, and had been so constantly with him, that it was more intelligent than the average of its kind. It got over and stood quiet and still, trembling. He cut the halter close to the knot, turned it out of the stall, and flinging himself across its back dug his heels into its belly.

      The officer-of-the-day put Lawton into the care of the guard and asked Cairness in to have a drink, calling him "my good man." Cairness was properly aware of the condescension involved in being asked into an officer's dining room, but he objected to being condescended to by a man who doubled his negatives, and he refused.Anybody who remained in England would have tohed be left there. But Mr. Whiteside leaned forward and spoke meaningly, a man sailed from Englandand although I did not know it at the time, I have checked up, since, and the man from London is an English circus acrobatwho went in for stunting on airplanes.





      Sandy nodded at Dicks exclamation.