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      "Now it's but a dream!" said her comforter.

      Hashas she not gone back? She must have done, he said.I find it hard to realize, too, she said.

      Yes, he said, with a touch of impatience. Is he down yet?"She hasn't the least need of it! She's the quiet kind, sir, that fools who love 'tang' overlook!"

      Hehe did not know. II had left him.You wait and see! he said.


      That is a lie! said Trafford, deliberately.That is a lie! said Trafford, deliberately.


      "Yes, and good-by, Bartleson, good-by, Tracy, good-by ladies' man!--my dear, tell me once more! For him why always that name?" Both laughed.


      The girl blandly laughed: "You venerable ingrate!""Where's Adolphe?" cried Kincaid, and "On with the wedding!" clamored the lads of the battery, while Anna stood gazing on the gray man and wondering why she had not guessed this very thing.