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      "That I should live to see the name of Bergan on a snip of a tin sign, like that!" he growled, shaking his fist at the offending plate, and trembling with rage;"what right had the scoundrel to put it there, I should like to know? 'Attorney at Law,' indeed!he shall have law enough, since he likes it so well! I'll sue him for trespass, libel, forgery,I'll horsewhip him, and then have him indicted for assault and battery,I'll." But here his indignation choked him, for a moment."Oh, but it would not matter to anybody! I am a stranger in the land. People are only kind to me for my husband's sake."

      Esmeralda Howard, said another. Of course, she takes Varleys name.

      The early western harvest had been gathered in. Upland and valley in that undulating land were clothed with the tawny hue of the stubble. Here and there the plough horses were moving slowly along the red ridges on the steep hillside. No touch of frost had dulled the rich hues of the autumnal flowers, and the red carnations still glowed in every cottage garden, while the pale pink trusses of hydrangea filled all the shrubberies with beauty. A keener breath came up at eventide from the salt sea beyond Point Neptune, and wilder winds crept across the inland valleys with the on-coming of night. Summer and the swallows were gone. October, a balmy season for the most part, was at hand;[Pg 139] and there were no more tea-drinkings and afternoon gossipings in the garden at the Angler's Nest. The lamps were lighted before dinner. The evenings were spent in the old library and the new drawing-room, the new room communicating with the old one by a curtained archway, so that of a night the curtains could be drawn back and Martin Disney could sit among his books by the fireplace in the library, and yet be within conversational reach of Isola and Allegra in the drawing-room, where they had piano and table-easel, work-baskets, and occupations of all kinds.

      "I heard him telling your father, last night," answered Diva, calmly, "that he would be forced to return to town early this morning on business of importance."



      "I hope you are not serious," replied Bergan, gravely. "I should be sorry to think that any manmuch less a man with your talent, culture, and opportunities for benefiting his fellowscould be satisfied with so poor an ambition as that."


      "You have cheated me out of my love," he repeated slowly. "Does that mean that you lied to me that night in Londonthat you perjured yourself, calling God to witness that you were pure and true?"