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      The Captain stood on a little elevation to the rear and somewhat apart, intently studying the rebel line through his field-glasses. After a few words of direction as to the pointing of the guns, and the command, "Begin firing," he had given no orders, scarcely spoken. He could not have been heard in that terrible turmoil. He had simply brought his terrible engine of destructionthe engine upon which he and his men had lavished years of laborious drilling and traininginto position, and set it going."The man writes a mighty nice hand," said Maria, scanning the superscription. "Just like that man that taught writing-school here last Winter. It can't be from him, can it? Didn't s'pose there was anybody in your company that could write as well as that. Look, Si, and see if you can tell whose handwritin' it is."

      "Purty early in the mornin' to do your milkin'. Didn't used to git up so early when you was at home, did you?"

      "Le's carry your things up, Si," said Maria, after Si had gotten them calmed down a little. "You must be awful tired.""I guess I'll just go down to the Surgeon's tent and git a pound of angwintum," said Shorty, "and rub myself from head to foot with it. That's the only thing I know of that'll do the least good."

      "Will the guerrillas begin shootin' at us as soon's we cross the river?"

      "Well, I kin let you into a good thing. I've bin runnin' that shebang over there, with another man, and doin' well, but he let his temper git away with him, and shpped a knife into a sucker, and they've got him in jail, where he'll stay awhile. I must have another partner. Got any money?"


      The court convened with all the form and ceremony prescribed by the Army Regulations for tribunals which pass judgment upon the pay, honor and lives of officers and men.The young Adjutant warmly approved the enlistment proposition, and was electrified by the idea of the marriage.