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      "Never do it in the world, Pap," protested Si. "Better burn it up at once. It'd be the next worst thing to givin' it back to him. It'd jest be pamperin' and encouragin' a lot o' galoots that lay around the hospitals to keep out o' fights. None o' the wounded or really sick'd git the benefit of a cent of it. They wuz all sent away weeks ago to Nashville, Louisville, and back home. You jest ought to see that bummer gang. Last week me and Shorty wuz on fatigue duty down by one o' the hospitals. There wuzzent nobody in the hospital but a few 'shell-fever' shirks, who're too lazy to work on the fortifications, and we saw a crowd of civilians and men in uniform set down to a finer dinner than you kin git in any hotel. Shorty wanted to light some shells and roll in amongst 'em, but I knowed that it'd jest make a muss that we'd have to clean up afterward."

      "We're agreed," said Si promptly, stepping from144 behind the tree, and leaving his gun standing against it.

      He was not a minute too soon not soon enough. A full company of rebel cavalry came dashing out of the woods, yelling like demons.

      When they reached him, in the dying glow of the flashlight Dick trained on a body lying in a heap, they identified the man who had been warned by his gypsy fortune teller to look out for a hidden enemy. He was lying at full length in the mould and leaves.


      A water-moccasin deadliest of snakes crawled up onto the log and coiled himself in front of Si, with that indifference to companionship which seems to possess all animals in flood-times. Si shuddered as he saw it, but did not dare make a motion against it.It is to the second theory that Plotinus evidently leans. However closely his life may have been conformed to the Pythagorean modela point with respect to which we have306 nothing better than the very prejudiced statements of Porphyry to rely onthere is no trace of Pythagorean asceticism in his writings. Hereafter we shall see how hostile he was to Gnostic pessimism. In the preceding essay, he had already specified admiration for physical beauty as a first and necessary step in the souls ascent to a contemplation of spiritual realities;451 and now it is under the guidance of Platos later speculations that he proceeds to account for her descent from that higher world to the restraints of matter and of sense.


      As innocent as the man I helped captureMr. Everdails friend, that man we put on the wrecking tug for five hours.