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      Thats all right, she said in her calm way.

      It is Trafford or Norman, she said.

      Look here, Ralda, he said; just listen to me.

      Her long lashes swept her cheek, and she was silent for a moment or two, but as they passed through the lodge gates, she exclaimed again:

      Its all right, Ralda. The bullet was in his calf. Here it is. He held it out between his finger and thumb.I will go presentlyin a day or two, he said. I would go at oncefor that is what you most ardently desirebut scandal You have spoken of it, not I.



      Cant say, replied Bill. I calkilate they wouldnt take more than they could help; the fewer the better in jobs o this kind, you see.


      On his way through the hall he paused a moment to bend over the bowl of roses; they reminded him of Esmeralda. She was just as fresh, as sweet, as pure.