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      There was a light in the hut, and at the sound of the approaching horse, Mother Melinda came to the door with her candle held above her head. As its rays fell upon Esmeralda she uttered a shriek and dropped the candle. The next instant Esmeralda was in her arms, and the two women were sobbing, laughing, and exclaiming as only women can.

      Lord Selvaine smiled.

      You shall go round with me to Lady Wyndovers in the morning, said Trafford. I dont know whether Ive mentioned you to Miss Chetwynde, but it hasnt been for want of thinking of you.


      CHAPTER XVIII.Norman had been hunting round also, and suddenly he uttered a cry and held something white aloft.


      Poor old chap! said Trafford. Youll tell me all about it some day.The duke begged me to say how sorry he was that he could not be down to receive you, he said; but he is feeling[128] a little tired this afternoon. He hopes to see you at dinner.


      Not some ribbon? he said. I thought women wanted ribbon every hour of the day.As the ladies drew up behind the throng and across the throat of Commercial Alley the dire List began to flutter from the Picayune office in greedy palms and over and among dishevelled heads like a feeding swarm of white pigeons. News there was as well as names, but every eye devoured the names first and then--unless some name struck lightning in the heart, as Anna saw it do every here and there and for that poor old man over yonder--after the names the news.