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      "Every attack on German troops by others than the military in uniform not only exposes those who may be guilty to be shot summarily, but will also bring terrible consequences on leading citizens of Lige now detained in the citadel as hostages by the Commander of the German troops. These hostages are:It is no uncommon thing for a skilled latheman to lock the slide rest, and resort to hand tools on many kinds of work when he is in a hurry.

      The unhappy man asserted in a loud voice that183 he was innocent, but got the answer that he would have to prove that later on. But he never had a chance of doing that. Arriving at the market-place, he and three others were simply placed against the wall and shot. He could not even have spiritual assistance.

      They returned to the house.161 "Here rest 23 soldiers, German, I.R. 78. and 91. fell 22.8.14. R.I.P."

      But he didnt get the life preserver.


      But Dick grinned and shook his head."Well done!" the officer commended. "But considering how it has heated you, you ought to have saved it for some one upon whom it would have had its effectsome one who wasn't round at the time of the Aravaypa Ca?on business, for instance."


      No ones in the tender! Larry exclaimed.He said a pleasant word to each of the other two, added a friendly clap on the arm and, with Mr. Everdail saying a brief, if not very angry farewell, the Sky Patrol quit its service, finished its air work and took to its feet.


      The next day I had the pleasure of an interview with Cardinal Mercier, whose residence in Antwerp I had been able to find out at last. A wealthy lady had offered his Eminence her grand house. In one of the rooms I waited for the arrival of the cardinal, the Metropolitan of the Belgian Church Provinces, who, both as a prelate and a patriot, had been tried so sorely in this war, which ravaged both his university town and his episcopal town. Although he was exceedingly busy, his Eminence had the kindness to grant me an audience.