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      MRS. B.: When it isn't even on the news or anything.

      "That ain't true, General," Si protested. "He was fired out of the regiment a year ago. He's a citizen."

      "You want to learn," Marvor said. "Then learn what they know."

      If Haenlingen wanted to take any action, he insisted, she'd take it against her own division. The Psych people would get most of it. Why, she probably didn't even know who Albin Cendar was....

      myself. Sincerely Yore Friend


      "Go away, Groundhog," said the Deacon, recognizing him. "I've only got a little here for Si and Shorty. I hain't a spoonful left for myself, and none to give away. Go and get your own chickens, and bile 'em yourself." the boys think of you and Shorty, and send their love and