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      "You ought to care, surelye!"

      The colour rushed into Robert's cheeks, and something very unfamiliar and very unmanly into his eyes.

      2. What is so valuable about Fruyling's World?Chapter 20

      He dashed his hand over his eyes, and then swung round, turning back towards the groups, lest he should become weak in solitude. Somehow the character of the crowd had changed while he had been away. Angry murmurs surged through it like waves, curses beat against one another, a rumour blew like foam from mouth to mouth."The blazes it is,' says Cap, and Cap Summerville roared. 'You get back to your quarters quick as you can run. Don't worry about my not finding you when I want you. It's my business to find you, and I've got men to help me do it. I'll find you sometime in a way that'll make your hair stand up. Get out, now, and never come around my tent with any such blamed nonsense as that.'

      "Good gracious, he wasn't lost again, was he?" gasped Si.

      "Well, what is it?" Shorty called back, crustily.




      "Say, Corpril, the Orderly said we wuz goin' to fight a whole passel of rebel cavalry, didn't he?"