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      "You will like to go, won't you, Isola?" he asked her[Pg 204] tenderly, as they drove back to the station alone, leaving Mr. Baynham to follow his own devices in the town. "You will enjoy seeing the places we saw together when our marriage was still a new thing?""Master Bergan," she asked, "have you any orders to give?"

      I should think so, he said under his breath, as if it would be impossible for any one to be anything else but good to her.

      Ada, I have bad news. I am hoping that it will seem as bad to you as it is to me. I will not affect a false modesty. You know, Ada, that I love you, and I have thought sometimes that you might care for me. If I could have done so, I would have asked you to be my wife long ago.

      There came a modest knock at the door as he spoke.The fair Belinda looked at him angrily. There are assertions which young ladies make on purpose to have them controverted.

      [Pg 9]


      "I meant to go back to London and hard work, but my doctor insisted upon my prolonging my holiday for a few weeks, so I came here instead. Rome always draws me, and is always new. Rome gives me fresh life and fresh power when my heart and brain have been feeling benumbed and dead. I am glad they brought you here, Mrs. Disney. You were looking languid and ill when you left San Remo. I hope Rome has revivified you.""I hope to-night may be an exception."


      A week or two later the same kind doctor discovered that[Pg 239] his patient was fast losing ground. Her strength had flagged considerably in a short time. He recommended change of scene.


      "Have you any idea of the cause of his unhappiness?"