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      "Thou art set over the people, and to the Lord's anointed I come to seek for justice.""What dost thou here, monk?" asked De Boteler, sternly, "after my orders that you should never more enter this hall."

      The attendant did not know. The youth interpreted the meaning of Roland's glance, and approached, and, with a humble yet not ungraceful obeisance"By whom? Calverley?"

      "By my faith, Holgrave, you seem to think lightly of this matter. Do you call it a scrape to commit a felony in your lord's chase? Have you any thing further to urge in your defence?"

      Chapter 5"I am much mistaken," resumed Sudbury, quickly, "if that figure in the dark cloak is not he whose evil counsel has spread like a pestilence through the land."


      "Yes," replied Mary; "he was by the monk when he stood at the door of the villein's hut, and I dare say he is with him now."


      On the second morning after Holgrave's capture, the baroness, upon Calverley's entering the room in which she sat, inquired if he had seen the wife of Holgrave? "I hear," continued she, without noticing the surprise which the question created, "that she is in the court-yard, and has had the insolence to ask one of the varlets if she might speak with me! Go, Calverley, and desire her to leave the castle instantly."


      De Boteler moved from the illuminated bier, and entered the hall with a haughty step; and as his eye fell on Father John, the frown on his brow increased. He did not, however, appear to heed him, but, turning to the abbot's messenger, said,"Men and brethren, are ye bond or free?" he abruptly asked, in a deep, solemn voice.