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      Shelley's melancholy fate seemed brought nearer to her now that she sat beside his grave, in the summer stillness, and in the shadow of the old Aurelian Wall. It was only his heart that was lying there, the imperishable heart, snatched by Trelawney's hand from the flame of the Greek pyre, from the smoke of pine-logs and frankincense, wine and oil. Sixty years had passed before that hand lay cold in the grave beside the buried heart of the poet, sixty years of severance, and fond faithful memory, before death brought re-union."Yes, lost, irretrievably lost! It is all one long, wild dream when I look back upon it. He implored me to go away with himbut I told him no, no, no, not for worlds, nothing should ever make me false to my husbandnothing. I swore itswore an oath which I had not the strength to keep. Oh, it was cruel, heartless, treacherousthe thing he did after that. When I was going away from the dance, he was there at my sideand he put me into the wrong carriagehis own carriageand when I had been driven a little way from the hotel, the carriage stopped and he got in. I thought that he was driving me home. I asked him how he could be cruel as to be with me, in his own carriage, at the risk of my reputationbut he stopped meshut my lips with his fatal kiss. Oh, Martin, how can I tell these things? The horse went almost at a gallop. I thought we should be killed. I was half fainting when the carriage stopped at last, after rattling up and down hilland he lifted me out, and I felt the cold night-air on my face, the salt spray from the sea. I tried to ask him where I was,whether this was homebut the words died on my lipsand I knew no moreknew no more till I woke from that dead, dull swoon in the cabin of the Vendetta, and heard the sailors calling out to each other, and saw Lostwithiel sitting by my sideand thenand thenit was all one long dreama dream of days and nights, and rain, and tempest. I thought the boat was[Pg 297] going down in that dreadful night in the Bay of Biscay. Would to God that she had gone down, and hidden me and my sin for ever! But she lived through the storm, and in the morning she was anchored near Arcachon, and Lostwithiel went on shore, and sent a woman in a boat, to bring me clothes, and to attend upon me; and I contrived to go on shore with the woman when she went back in the boat that had brought her, and I borrowed some money on my ring at a jeweller's in Arcachon, and I left by the first train for Paris, and went on from Paris to London, and never stopped to rest anywhere till I got home."

      "Yes, there we are all agreed. Mr. Crowther had the good taste to find a charming site, and the bad taste to erect an architectural monstrosity, a chimera in red brick. There was a grange once in the heart of that wood, and the Crowthers have the advantage of acorns and chestnuts that sowed themselves while the sleepy old monks were telling their beads. How do you like Miss Crowther?"

      Mr. Crowther would have lingered for farther conversation before getting into the family landau, but Colonel Disney bade a rather abrupt good morning to the whole group, and hurried his wife and sister down the hill.

      "I suppose you won't object to our having Allegra here for a summer visit, will you, love?" he asked at breakfast the day after Mrs. Baynham's call. "London must be hot, and dusty, and dreary in July, and she must want rest and country air, I fancy, after having worked so hard in her art school.""I hardly know her well enough to like or dislike her. She is very handsome."



      God bless you, my dear Trafford! he said, as Trafford handed him over to the ducal valet. I am always so happy when you can come down! I wish you could be with us oftener. He laid his white hand on Traffords shoulder, and looked into the grave, handsome face affectionately. Some day, Trafford, I hope you will not come alone. I trust that I may be spared to welcome a daughter, to see my sons childrenthe future Duke of Belfayreplaying at my knee. Good-night, my dear Trafford. God bless you!The days passed rapidly. Lady Wyndover, and all about her, were kept in a flutter of excitement. The society papers were full of the coming wedding, spreading themselves over descriptions of Belfayre and the other ducal places, and hinting at the magnificence of the brides presents and trousseau.


      Oh, said Norman, vaguely, hes tallnot too talland what you women call graceful; all muscle, and not an ounce of fat. He can knock a man down with a straight one from the shoulder.