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      Invoking Zeus as the god of purification and the guardian of those who prayed, he washed Byssas hands and arms. When this was accomplished he burned the cakes and other offerings, first pouring on them as a libation water mixed with honeymeantime praying that Zeus would restrain the wrath of the goddess of vengeance and show himself merciful and gracious.But Tratta answered almost angrily:

      The reply of the Indian orator was friendly to overflowing. He prayed his French brethren to choose a spot on the lake of Onondaga, where they might dwell in the country of the Iroquois, as they dwelt already in their hearts. Le Moyne promised, and made two presents to confirm the pledge. Then, his mission fulfilled, he set out on his return, attended by a troop of Indians. As he approached the lake, his escort showed him a large spring of water, possessed, as they told him, by a bad spirit. Le Moyne tasted it, then boiled a little of it, and produced a quantity of excellent salt. He had discovered the famous salt-springs of Onondaga. Fishing and hunting, the party pursued their way till, at noon of the 7th of September, Le Moyne reached Montreal. *[44] A close translation of Dablon's report of the speech. See Relation, 1671, 27.

      In the present book we examine the political and social machine; in the next volume of the series we shall see this machine in action.

      Strange! he muttered, A bride who falls ill on her wedding daywho ever heard of such a thing? By Zeus, this or something else seems to me a bad omen. Do not forget that you owe me compensation and, by the gods, a double one. In the first place the girl is beautiful enough for many to desire to wed her,174 even without a dowry, and secondly I had calculated on the amount agreed upon as a sum of which I was sure.


      My daughter, he said, the blood is expiated and the uncleanness washed away with consecrated water. Thou art no longer an outcast, odious to the gods. Thou canst again enter the places of assemblage and the temples consecrated to the deities; thou canst once more mingle among thy companions, amid bond and free. But this is not all. Now that thou hast obtained the forgiveness of the gods, thou must be answerable to men....Conquered, conquered! shouted the whole party in chorus, joined by the freedman.


      [13] "Pour nostre souper, N. S. nous donna vn Porc-espic gros comme vn cochon de lait, et vn liure; c'estoit peu pour dix-huit ou vingt personnes que nous estions, il est vray, mais la saincte Vierge et son glorieux Espoux sainct Ioseph ne furent pas si bien traictez mesme iour dans l'estable de Bethleem."Relation, 1634, 74.Byssas father, Ariston, the priest of Zeus Hypsistos, was an aged, gentle-natured man who dared not refuse the turbulent warrior; yet he only gave his consent on condition that Byssa should keep the faith of her ancestors and not offer sacrifices to Melite in the Cychreans sanctuary. Nevertheless, both he and his wife had tears in their eyes when Lyrcus bore their only child away and, in taking leave of Byssa, Ariston laid his hands upon her head, saying:


      Look! she cried, raising it in the air, the soul is coming.