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      "Yes, I am."

      As soon as she was well enough the christening took place in Peasmarsh church. The heir of all the Backfields was important enough to receive three Christian namesReuben after his father, Thomas after old Gasson, and Albert after the Prince Consort. "I shall call him Albert," said Naomi.

      The attendant did not know. The youth interpreted the meaning of Roland's glance, and approached, and, with a humble yet not ungraceful obeisance"My liege, there are disciples of John Ball in the Toweraye, even among the royal household!"

      "Stand back everybody; I'm going to start her."

      "Oh, no, UncleI don't want to go. Alice has asked me to stay to supper."


      "De Boteler," said the lady, rising from her seat when her eyes had run over the writing, "this woman shall not escape justice. Go, my lordremember your murdered child, and compromise not with those who would screen the guilty from punishment."Who choosest for thine


      "All honour and praise,


      "He'll easily git another pl?aceI'll find him one myself. And, motherthere's something more. Now you haven't got f?ather to work fur, you'll find the time unaccountable long. Wot if you let Becky go, and did the cooking and that yourself?"