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      Esmeralda shook her head.

      Bill drank his whisky with aggravating slowness, and, stooping down, wiped his mouth on a corner of the mail-sack with still more exasperating elaboration.

      Serves me right for not doing as I was told!

      He was just the same as of old, and made his congratulations in his dry, reedy voice, which recalled to Esmeralda the voyage to England, and made her laugh at him in her old way.

      We are getting on very well, he said.

      Esmeralda laughed.


      My dear girl! she said; dont you understand? If you marry Lord Trafford, you will be the Marchioness of Trafford, and, presently, the Duchess of Belfayre, for the present duke can not last much longer!


      He dropped it into her hand with a laugh, and she looked down at it and turned it over with her slim brown finger; then she slipped it into the inner breast-pocket of her habit.


      And Lilias, too, said Trafford. You must tell me your secret of winning all hearts, Esmeralda.