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      Si and Shorty were prompt to improve the opportunity to house themselves comfortably.

      "Si," said he, "I may not git over this. This may be the breakin' out o' the cholera that the folks around here say comes every seven years and kills off the strangers. Si, I'll tell you a secret. A letter may come for me. If I don't git over this, and the letter comes, I want you to burn it up without reading it, and write a letter to Miss Jerusha Ellen Briggs, Bad Ax, Wis., tellin' her that I died like a man and soldier, and with her socks on, defendin' his country."

      On the glorious chorus a thousand voices took up the refrain in droning fashion that made one think of "The Sound of the Great Amen."


      A broad-shouldered Provost-Sergeant walked through the car, with an air of authority, and gave orders to several who were seated in it.


      Si had always been used to speaking right out when he had anything to say, and had not yet got his "unruly member" under thorough subjection. He saw that it wouldn't do to fool with the Drill Sergeant, however, and he held his peace. But Si kept thinking that if he got into a fight he would ram in the cartridge and fire them out as fast as he could, without bothering his head about the "one time and three motions."The noise of the dogs betokened the approach of something more than usual visitors. Through the clamor the boys' quick ears could detect the clatter243 of an ominous number of hoofs. The other boys heard it, too, and were standing around, gun in hand, waiting developments.


      "Probably he wants 2 borry money," says I, without stirrin'. "Men that want particularly 2 see me always do. Well, I hain't got none 2 lendhain't got no more'n 'll talk me hoam."