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      Silhouetted against the northern blue of the sky, with a tiny white circle showing sharply in the sunlight, the leaping person fell clear of the diving seaplane, while Larry, shaking with excitement, tried to focus his glasses and train them on the falling object.

      Quickly he peered to the side and back, downward at the water in the place where the first landing flare had settled into the water.

      "That curly mop of yours'd have a time standing on end," ventured Shorty. "I should think it'd twist your neck off tryin' to."

      CHAPTER II. ROSENBAUM, THE SPYWhat have you discovered? Sandy asked Larry quickly, to cover his impulse toward assaulting the teasing chum.


      Of these views, the first is taken by Ritter, and adopted with some modifications by M. Vacherot in his Histoire de lcole dAlexandrie. It is also unreservedly accepted by Donaldson in his continuation of Müllers History of Greek Literature, and is probably held at this moment by most Englishmen who take any interest in the subject at all. The second viewaccording to which Neo-Platonism is, at least in342 its main features, a characteristic although degenerate product of Greek thoughtis that maintained by Zeller. As against the Orientalising theory, it seems to us that Zeller has thoroughly proved his case.506 It may be doubted whether there is a single idea in Plotinus which can be shown to have its exact counterpart in any of the Hindoo or other Asiatic systems whence he is supposed to have drawn; and, as our own analysis has abundantly shown, he says nothing that cannot be derived, either directly or by a simple and easy process of evolution, from Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics. On the other hand, has not Zeller gone much too far in treating Neo-Platonism as a product of the great religious reaction which unquestionably preceded and accompanied its appearance? Has he not altogether underrated its importance as a purely speculative system, an effort towards the attainment of absolute truth by the simple exercise of human reason? It seems to us that he has, and we shall offer some grounds for venturing to differ from his opinion.


      "You look over the rest o' the things, Shorty," he said, with a blush that hid his freckles. "I've got to go down and see the Orderly-Sergeant."